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How to buy & sell?

Buy from Freelancers and sell your Service?

How to buy?

How to sell?


How to buy?

Find freelancer or job ad

• Find various offers: from as little as 1 hour or permanent jobs
• Search with advanced categories or even local.
• Review the suggestions and select your specialist
• Pay a deposit to Escrow account to start the job

Post a job offer for free

• Tell us what you need
• Create your profile and enter your location

2. Manage, pay and communicate all in one place: your member area

Your member area displays all your job actions

• Keep track of all your job history
• Just communicate and find or offer the services

Check and accept job offers

• Pay the deposit with all means of payment
• Keep your money safe with Escrow account-protect yourself until you are ready to release the down payment
• Stop the job results

Payment and release

• Stay protected: pay go to Escrow account!
• Approval to release Escrow Fund on completion (within 14 days)

Easy messaging

• Send a short message of what you want and timeframe
• Share files, messages and pay for everything from one place
• Track progress and keep job history in one place
3. Rate the freelancer and keep it up!

• Write a quick review for the completed job
• Hire the established freelancers again


How to sell?

Three ways to sell your services. Everything is free

Freelancers offer their services and create a profile
• Create your gigs, qualifications, experiences,
• Upload photos and videos
• Offer a price
• The profiles have been staged on the services offered, reviews
• Contact customers and hire directly
• Deliver your results and receive the payment

Make your job Featured and use our free service

• Our services are free for job posting and offering services. There are no borders.
• List your services 'Featured' to be listed above.
2. Communicate, manage, post and pay for everything in one place: your member area

• All your buy and sell actions are in one place
• Follow job history, alerts, payments, etc
• Request a proposal for follow-up work and continue to work in the same member area
• Keep it regularly to be adjusted frequently

• Send messages, share and pay for everything from one place!
• Track progress and keep all job history together
3. Be rated and keep rolling it!

• Check for your work and let the buyer come back
• Simple creation of a new work proposal from the successor work of the member area

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